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Hi, I’m Anna.

And I write stuff.

I’ve come a long way since scribbling poetry and creating characters on the back of exam papers in high school. And while I’m barely writing fiction these days, words are still at the core of everything I do.

These days, I’m wielding them both as an agency contractor and independently for smart clients who understand the value of working with the perfect marketing strategist.

When I’m not doing that, I’m writing about travel and inspiring others to live brave, authentic lives at  Jamaican Girl Abroad

Want more details?

I was supposed to be a lawyer. Before that, it was ‘teacher’.

I eventually ignored both paths in pursuit of my own (Dixie Chicks’ Taking the Long Way is my personal anthem) and found myself despondent while riding the fast train to director in the business process outsourcing sector.

What followed was a crisis of identity of sorts that saw me walking away to pursue writing full-time in an effort to enjoy more freedom, embrace my intrinsic talents, re-align with my purpose,  and travel on my own schedule.

My employment experience spans  BPO Operations Management, Employee Engagement, Customer Experience, Marketing, Public Relations, Copywriting and Digital Storytelling.

And while there have been times when this all seemed like a hodgepodge of randomness that would lead to nowhere fast, I have since discovered this to be my greatest asset.

My passion for words and storytelling is really the glue that binds them all together, providing me with a unique perspective that delivers exponential value and return on investment for my clients.

I am a copywriter and marketer who knows a lot more than copywriting and marketing. And we are a rare species.


I am always in pursuit of the next challenge. Extra dose of enthusiasm if it involves words and strategy. If there’s a project you think we could collaborate on drop me a line and let’s discuss it together.